Best Hobbies to Pick Up After 60

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hobbies to pick up after 60
August 10, 2023 | Johanna Karlsson

Whether You’re an Active Outdoorsy Type or a Homebody, You Have Options

Turns out an old dog can learn some new tricks. We’re not calling you old, but you know how it goes. As we get into our 60s and beyond, many of us finally feel like we have some free time — the kids are grown up and moved out, careers start to wind down, and we can finally relax and catch our breath. And that’s why so many people in this distinguished age group find themselves trying new things and looking for new experiences.

However, it’s important to remember that during this phase of life, considering your healthcare needs is crucial. This includes Medicare enrollment, which typically starts at age 65. Understanding the Medicare enrollment process and your options for coverage is essential to ensure you have access to the healthcare you need in your retirement years.

So, if you’re looking for some new excitement or adventure or challenge in your life, or just something to do and feel productive about with your new free time, here are 10 ideas for hobbies to pick up after 60 that should keep you busy. Don’t forget to also explore your Medicare enrollment options to secure your healthcare coverage in this exciting phase of life.

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Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardening is a great activity to get outside, enjoy the great outdoors, and even reap some great vegetables to eat at the end of the season. And this pastime is more popular than ever these days — the COVID-19 pandemic spurred 18.3 million more Americans to pick up their spades and get into gardening, especially among younger generations, as we spent more time at home. But it’s a favorite activity for people of all ages in the U.S., and it’s estimated that 55% of American households engage in gardening activities. No word yet on how many of those households actually managed to grow something to eat, but it’s worth a shot. This is a top option if you’re looking for hobbies to pick up after 60.

Walking and Hiking

Here’s another fun option to get in some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors, and it’s flexible enough to do just about anywhere. A vigorous or leisurely hike will burn calories and get you off the couch, and who doesn’t love soaking up the sun or walking through a charming forest? If hiking isn’t right for you, walking is a great option, and this is again a fun way to get in some exercise while enjoying your time outside. If it’s raining or cold, it’s easy to find large indoor spaces where you can get in some laps — think a shopping mall, museum, or greenhouse, for example. Make this a part of your routine and get a friend or loved one to join you and this will be even more fun.


Go west, or east, or wherever you want. Far away or just the next town over, traveling is a great way to see new sights, try new things, and learn more about the wider world around us. If you have more free time, you’ll be easier to get away from longer trips. Maybe a cross-country train trip is your speed? Or an overnight at a nearby resort could work, too. There are so many places to go and new things to do, it’s no wonder that this is such a popular activity for people of a certain age.


It’s never too late to learn a new skill, so find a craft that sounds interesting to you and dig in. The options are almost endless, and the good news is that even if you’re a complete beginner, there are books and videos and online resources galore to get you started or help you improve your skills. Some of the more popular crafting options out there include knitting, crocheting, weaving, paper crafts, embroidery, quilting, needlework, pottery, and sewing. Find something that speaks to you and find a new hobby that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Puzzles and Games

Just about everyone benefits from challenging their minds on a regular basis — it helps keep us sharp and engaged, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. The good news is there are games and puzzles of all skill levels out there, so it’s easy to find something that you enjoy. Jigsaw puzzles are popular, or start a daily routine of solving the crossword in your newspaper. If you’ve been on social media at all these past few years, you’ve likely seen people sharing their Wordle scores, and if you give it a shot and like word games, chances are you’ll be hooked in no time. Sudoku is another popular game that’s easy to find. Whether you play on a phone, computer, or piece of paper, you’ll feel like you accomplished something when you solve that tough crossword or fit the last piece of the puzzle.

Try a New Sport

The options are nearly endless if you decide to go the athletic route when looking for hobbies to pick up after 60, and you’ll get some exercise while having some fun, so this is a win-win. If you’re the socializing type, team up with a friend or find other people in your area to get into a routine — pickleball is an increasingly popular game and chances are that you live not far away from some new pickleball courts. Tennis is a great option as well. If you’re more of the solo type, golf is always a solid option, or make swimming a part of your routine. Whatever you choose, you can feel good about spending your free time exercising and challenging yourself in a new way.

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Just like crafting, there are so many options out there to find your inner artist. Pick up a paintbrush, start sketching with pens, or try your hand at digital illustration on the computer. Many people are afraid to try it, worried they won’t be good, but try to keep in mind that this is something you can do for yourself — no audience, no judgment, no deadline to finish a project. Chances are you’ll find your talent improving in no time.


Did you play an instrument back in elementary school? If so, you might be surprised how quickly you can pick it back up, even if it’s been decades since you last performed. Music is an enduringly popular pastime for many, and with the plethora of available instruments and genres, there are plenty of options out there. Even if you never played an instrument before, it’s never too late to master four chords on the guitar or start to tinker with an electric drumset. Start with a good middle-of-the-road instrument for beginners and it won’t even cost that much to try out your musical chops. And don’t forget to look around for classes in your area to help you master things even faster.


Who says hobbies to pick up after 60 can’t be fun and help out our communities at the same time? Making volunteering a part of your regular routine will give you plenty of pride and satisfaction, and you can make a big difference for people and organizations in your city while feeling good about your efforts. Look for local organizations that organize volunteering opportunities to get started, or join a charity or nonprofit. Contribute your talents as you see fit, and the benefits will be clear in no time.

Cooking and Baking

Everyone loves eating, so this is an obvious hobby that might be perfect for you if you’re good at chopping, dicing, rolling, or kneading. Even if you’ve never quite mastered the culinary thing before, it’s never too late to learn some new skills. Community classes are widely available to master new recipes and techniques, or just keep an open mind and try new recipes at home. You can indulge in the latest and greatest kitchen appliances and gadgets, or just use basic tools to get the job done. This is a hobby that you can work on whenever you’d like — and chances are your loved ones, friends, and neighbors will love the fruits of your labor in the kitchen if you feel like sharing your sweets and treats and dinners with them.

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Or, Try Something Else

The options are nearly endless. Maybe dancing is more your speed, or fishing and spending time out on the water appeals to you. Bird watching is always popular as well. Challenge yourself to learn another language. Or explore your roots by diving into genealogy. You really can’t go wrong.

Start by answering some basic questions about yourself to narrow down your options. Consider if you’re an active person or more of a homebody. Do you like to socialize with others, or prefer to be alone? Do you want to learn something new or continue doing something you’ve already mastered?

Then, look on social media or search for organizations in your area that offer the hobby you want to try, or find information and courses online or at the library. Give it a shot, and in no time, you’ll be a master of your chosen hobby.

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Embarking on hobbies after 60 is a celebration of life’s possibilities. At HealthPlusLife, we celebrate with you by offering health coverage that empowers your pursuits. As you venture into new territories, let us be your trusted partner in safeguarding your health and well-being.

Whether you’re hiking the trails, crafting masterpieces, or exploring the world, our health insurance plans are designed to complement your lifestyle. With HealthPlusLife, your passions and health converge seamlessly for a life of fulfillment and well-being.

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